The Mary Lee Tucker Fund, Inc. Clothe-A-Child program is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to serving local school-aged children in need shop for new, warm clothes at a local department store.

With the help of the local community and dedicated volunteers, we can help hundreds of children in Northeast Ohio purchase warm, new clothes for the winter season.

Our mission is simple

We strive to offer families and children a memorable and affordable shopping experience in our program.

Our Mission

To help local disadvantaged children facing financial hardships living in Northeast Ohio receive warm and comfortable clothes for the winter season

Our Values

Inclusivity, Equality, Respect, Education, and sense of belonging is given to all children in need.

Our goals

We want to provide support for as many families as possible in our local community

What We Believe

Our program is more than just a shopping trip. Our program offers children a shopping experience in a fun and inclusive environment. From building life skills to promoting self-advocacy, Clothe-A-Child wants to provide quality and exciting opportunities for children in need.