The Clothe-A-Child program provides children a unique experience when they receive clothes for the winter season. While many organizations host clothing drives or donate gently used clothes, our program Invites families and local volunteers to go on an exclusive shopping trip to pick clothes that reflect their identity and styles.

We serve financially disadvantaged children living in Erie, Geauga, Huron, Lake, and Lorain Counties between 5- to 12-years old. Our program coordinator invites families and children in need to shop with Clothe-A-Child from October to December to find the apparel they need to stay warm, comfortable, and confident.

What our services do for your child

Our program can offer a multitude of benefits for children in need.

Life skills

Teach children about budgeting, sales, and discounts during the shopping trip


Encourage children to make their own decision about the style and clothing interests


Promote socializing with volunteers and store employees